Cuevano ~ Jorge Aranda

About me

I am Jorge Aranda, and this site is my personal blog.

I am a Principal Software Development Engineer at Workday. I have been developing software full time since 2012.

Before this latest incarnation I was an academic, studying coordination and communication in software organizations, first at the University of Toronto, where I did my PhD, and later at the University of Victoria, where I was a postdoctoral researcher.

You can find more details about my career in my résumé.

I am originally Mexican, and a naturalized Canadian. I like reading and writing, running, vegetable gardening, cooking, coding, and boardgaming. I love Camus, Borges, Bolaño, Ibargüengoitia, Eliot, Proust, Brecht, Beckett, Stoppard, Feyerabend, Varo, Lynch, Fellini, and Bergman. I admire both Epicureans and Stoics, though on balance I think the Epicureans have it right, and I would like to follow on their footsteps. I live in Victoria, Canada, with my partner Val, our kids, and a lot of chickens.

You can reach me at jorge.aranda (AT) You can also find me at these other sites: