Cuevano ~ Jorge Aranda

Then Epicurus knew the vessel caused the vice

Long time without posting, but I’m back. To break the silence, here is a quote from Lucretius I like, as cited by Montaigne.

For when he saw that nearly all that use demands

Already was prepared for use by mortal hands,

That men were powerful in honor and in fame,

In riches affluent, proud in their sons’ good name,

Yet nonetheless within were anxious in their heart,

In painful quarrels of the mind forced to take part:

Then Epicurus knew the vessel caused the vice;

That all good things that enter, of whatever price,

Within us, by that vessel’s vice, became corrupt.

I remembered it because of the news and reviews about Stephen Greenblatt’s new book onĀ De Rerum Natura. My copy of Lucretius still sits unread in my shelf, patiently waiting for me. I think I should attend to it…